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Durga Puja hd wallpaper with Quotes

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Durga Puja Wishes:- First of all thanks for you all to landing on happy durga puja wishes. Durga puja is a devotional Festival, We Indian Celebrate this Festival for 10 days with full of joy and Devotion. Durga Puja Brings lots of good charm and good moments for all of us. Each and Every Indian Celebrate this festival through 10 days by lighting Diyas(lamp) in Durga Maa Temple. To make this festival more precious we had researched a lot and bring some exciting collections for Durga Puja.

Indian’s love to pray and light diyas in Maa Durga temple for 9 days and on the 10th day last day we visarjan Durga Maa. To Make These 10 days cheerful we had successfully collected some collections of Durga Puja Wishes, Quotes. Messages, Status, Images, Videos and More. So! let’s check them.


Durga Puja hd wallpaper with Quotes




Durga Puja Wishes and Quotes 

May Goddess Durga bless you with lots of prosperity, happiness, wealth and good fortune. May your Durga Puja be full of joy.


May Goddess Durga fill your life with joy and happiness. May she turn all your dreams into reality this Durga Puja.


May Maa Durga bestow
You and your family with 9 forms of blessings
Fame, Name, Wealth, Prosperity, Happiness,
Education, Health, Power and Commitment.


May the divine mother empower you with her blessings on this Durga Puja.


Eat. Pray. Love. Wish you a very happy Durga Puja.


May Maa Durga give you the courage to fight all evils.


With blessings of Maa Durga, let’s make this time of the year memorable.


May Maa Durga add joy to your day.


Wish you great success, health and happiness on this Durga Puja.


Make the five days of Durga Puja memorable by having fun with family and friends.


May Maa bless you with all the happiness in the world..
May you have the best Durga Puja ever..


Thanks for making my day great with you warm greetings..
Wishing a joyous Durga Puja to you too!


This Durga Puja,
The sound of dhak seems to be out of rhythm..
for you are nit with me
Thinkig od you and missing you.


May Maa Durga protect you in every path of your life.


As Goddess Durga returns home, I wish that she leaves behind good luck and happiness for you and your family. Wishing you a happy Vijaya Dashami.


May the blessings of Maa Durga always be with you.


Let the festive spirit embrace you and your dear ones on this special occasion. Wishing you a happy Durga Puja.


This Durga Puja, may you be blessed with good fortune As Long As Ganeshji’s trunk, Wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach,
Happiness as sweet as his ladoos
And may your trouble be as small as his mouse.


Wishing that Goddess Durga empowers you and your family with name, fame, success, and joy. Happy Durga Puja!


Sending my warm wishes for a Durga Puja that brings you good fortune and success. May Goddess Durga shower her choicest blessings on you today and forever.


May the divine blessings of Goddess Durga enrich your life and fill your home and heart with happiness and joy. Wish you a happy Durga Puja!


May you celebrate and rejoice in the festivities of Durga Puja. Sending you my warmest greetings for a happy and blessed Durga Puja.


On the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja, I wish that the festivities bring immense joy and happiness to you and your family. Happy Durga Puja!


May Goddess Durga give you the strength to fight for the good and overcome the evil. Sending my special wishes for a joyous celebration on Durga Puja.


May the lights of Dussehra bring you good times and happiness. Here’s hoping that your dreams come true on this special occasion and always.


Let The Joy Of Festivity
Embrace You & Your Loved Ones
On The Occassion Of Dussehra This Year!
Very Very Happy Dussehra
To You & Your Family
May Maa Bless You
With Happiness All The Year Through!
Wishing You A Happy Durga Puja


May maa bless you
with all her blessings and
keep you happy through-out the year!
Wishing you a Happy Durga Puja


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Durga Puja Quotes

Nil akasher megher bhela,
Padma phuler papri mela,
Dhaker taale kasher khela,
Anande katuk sharadbela.
Shubho Durga Puja


Wishing that Maa Durga… Blesses you and your family with happiness, joy and good health. Which lasts forever!


From Sasthi to Dashami it’s time to enjoy. May Maa bless you with lots of happiness and joy. Warm Wishes on Durga



May Maa Durga empowers you with her 9 blessings of name, fame, health, wealth, happiness, humanity, knowledge, devotion and power. Happy and blessed Durga Puja!


Sarad Shubhecha, from our home to yours. Have a blessed Durga Puja!


On Durga Puja I Wish That Maa protects you from all evils and blesses you with Peace, Prosperity and Happiness!


durga mohamaya, songe aschen lakhi, sorosati,
kartik and gonsha, deshe porte debena kono bipoder chhaya.
Subho Durgo Pujo


Man, the imperfect, the bound, the sorrowful, has a thousand enemies within. He is riddled with negative thoughts fears, yearnings. These are selfishness, jealousy, meanness, prejudice and hatred just to mention but a few. The Sadhak must get rid of these lawless villains within. With Mother Durga’s kripa, these destructive masters are to be annihilated. Invoke the Mother Terrible to help us annihilate within ourselves all negative forces; all weaknesses, – all littleness.


Durga (Devi) is synonymous with Shakti or the Divine Power that manifests, sustains and transforms the universe as the one unifying Force of Existence. ‘Shakti is the very possibility of the Absolute’s appearing as many, of God’s causing this universe. God creates this world through Srishti-Shakti (creative power), preserves through Sthiti-Shakti (preservative power), and destroys through Samhara-Shakti (destructive power). Shakti and Shakta are one; the power and the one who possesses the power cannot be separated; God and Shakti are like fire and heat of fire.


Durga Pooja is celebrated in various parts of India in different styles. But the one basic aim of this celebration is to propitiate Shakti, the Goddess in Her aspect as Power, to bestow upon man all wealth, auspiciousness, prosperity, knowledge (both sacred and secular), and all other potent powers. Whatever be the particular or special request that everyone may put before the Goddess, whatever boon may be asked of Her, the one thing behind all these is propitiation, worship and linking oneself with Her. There is no other aim. This is being effected consciously or unconsciously. Everyone is blessed with Her loving mercy and is protected by Her.


Durga Puja Quotes in Hindi

जिंदगी की हर तमन्ना हो पूरी,
कोई भी आरजू ना रहे अधूरी,
करते हे हाथ जोड़कर माँ दुर्गा से बिनती
की आपकी हर मनोकामना हो पूरी
Happy Durga Ashtami


Is Durga Puja par
Aapki zindagi khushiyon se bhari ho
Duniya ujalo se roshan ho,
Ghar par Maa Durga ka aagman ho.
Happy Durga Pooja


N-Nav chetna
A-Akhand jyoti
V-Vighna nashak
A-Anand dayi
T-Trikal darshi
R-Rakshan karti
A-Anandmoyi Maa


Lakshmi Ka Haath Ho,
Saraswati Ka Saath Ho,
Ganesh Ka Niwas Ho,
Aur Maa Durga Ka Aashirwad Ho.
Aapke Jeevan Main Prakash Hi Prakash Ho.
Happy Durga Puja.

Durag Puja khushiyon ka,
Ujaalon ka, Umeendo ka,
Is Durga Puja aapki Zindagi
Khushiyon se bhari ho,
Duniyan ujalon se roshan ho,
Ghar par Maa Durga ka Aagman ho
Happy Durga Puja!!
Maa Durga ke Aashirwad se aapke man ki har muraad poori ho. Aap Ache Kam Ki aur bade, apne ghar walo ka Naam Roshan Kare
Pahle Maa Ki Puja,Sab Kuchh Uske Baad, Aapke Saath Sada Rahe Maa Ka Aashirwad.
Happy Durga
Ashirwad bado ka, pyar dosto ka duaen sabki, karuna Maa Ki Durga Puja ki hardik shubhkamnaey.
Happy Durga
Aapka chehre per muskan rhe itni Ke Khushiyon ki na rhe koi kami Meri taraf se aapko or aapke pariwar ko
Mubarak ho Durga Ashtami
Durga Maa Sab Pe Apni Kirpa Banayi Rakhe.
kya divy maan aapako is durga pooja par usake aasheervaadon ko sashakt bana sakatee hai.

maee ma durga aap aur aapake parivaar par durga pooja aur hamesha par usakee sabase uttam aasheervaad shaavar

maadee durga kee ichchha hai ki aapako apanee buree taakaton se ladane kee himmat aur taakat milegee jo aapake raaste aatee hain. Happy Durga Puja


kya sabhee khushiyaan durga pooja aaj tumhaare saath aur apane sabhee tole mein.
Wishing you Happy Durga Puja


aap vijay kee devee hain, aap devata kee devee hain, aap bhrasht kee shakti ka prateek hain,
aap samrddhi ke agradoot hain,
aap hamen dukh se bacha lete hain,
aap hamaaree chetana ko eeshvar ke uddhaarakarta, dayaalu aur sahishnu par praapt karate hain.


durga pooja par main chaahata hoon ki ma aapako sabhee buraiyon se bachaaye aur aapako shaanti,
samrddhi aur khushee ke saath aasheervaad deta hai!


main chaahata hoon ki aapake paas durga pooja ka sabase bada utsav hai.,
kshanon ka khazaana aur apane parivaar ke saath maze karana,
main parivaar mein har kisee ko apanee haardik shubhakaamanaen bhej raha hoon.
Happy Durga Puja


maee yah durga pooja, aap ke lie lait ap haippee of haippee taims, aur sapane phor e iyar phul eyoom phul smails! Wish You Happy Durga Puja.


Eat. Pray. Love. Wish you a very happy Durga Puja.


maee ma durga aapako sabhee buraiyon se ladane ka saahas dete hain.


maata durga ke aasheervaad ke saath, ham is saal ke yaadagaar banaate hain.


maee ma durga apane din mein khushee jodate hain.


is durga pooja par aap mahaan saphalata, svaasthy aur khushee kee ichchha rakhate hain.


नव शक्ति
नव चेतना
नव उत्थान
नव भक्ति
नव आराधना
नव कल्याण
नव ज्योत्सना
नव कल्पना
नव निर्माण…. नवमी के परम अवसर पर पूरी हो आपकी हर मनोकामना जय माता दी”


शेरों वाली मैया के दरबार में दुःख -दर्द मिटाये जाते हैं , जो भी दर पर आते है .. शरण में लिए जाते हैं। जय माता दी”

Durga Stuti, Aarti, and Chalisa

Sarva Mangala Mangalye Shive Sarvaartha Saadhike ।
Sharanye Trayambake Gouri Naarayani Namostute ।।


Ambe tu hai jagdambe kali jay durge khappar wali
Tere hi gun gaye bharti ho maiya ham sab utare teri aarti
Tere jagat ke bhakt janan par bheed padi hai bhari maa
Danaw dal par toot pado maa karke singh sawari
Sau sau singho se tu bal shali
Asth bhujao wali dushton ko pal mein sangharti

O maiya hum sab utarey teri aarti

Maa bete ka hai ish jag mein bada hi nirmal nata
Poot kaput sune hai par na mata suni kumata
Sab par karuna darshane wali amrit barsane wali
Dukhiyon ke dukhade nivarti

O maiya hum sab utare teri aarti

Nahi mangte dhan aur daulat na chandi na sona maa
Hum to mange maa tere man mein ek chhota sa kona
Sab ki bigdi banane wali laaj bachane wali
Satiyo ke sat ko sanwarti

O maiya hum sab utare teri aarti

Ambe tu hai jagdambe kali jay durge khappar wali
Tere hi gun gaye bharti ho maiya ham sab utare teri aarti


Namo Namo Durge Sukh karani, Namo Namo ambe Dukh harani.

Nirakar hai jyoti tumhari, Tihun lok pheli ujayari.

Shashi lalat mukh mahavishala, Netra lal bhrikutee vikarala.

Roop Matu ko adhika suhave, Daras karat jan ati sukh pave.

Tum sansar shakti laya kina, Palan hetu anna dhan dina.

Annapurna hui jag pala, Tumhi adi sundari Bala.

Pralaya kala sab nashan hari, Tum gauri Shiv-Shankar pyari.

Shiv yogi tumhre guna gaven, Brahma Vishnu tumhen nit dhyaven.

Roop Saraswati ko tum dhara, De subuddhi rishi munina ubara.

Dharyo roop Narsimha ko amba, Pragat bhayin phar kar khamba.

Raksha kari Prahlaad bachayo, Hiranakush ko swarga pathayo.

Lakshmi roop dharo jag mahin, Shree Narayan anga samihahin.

Ksheer sindhu men karat vilasa, Daya Sindhu, deeje man asa.

Hingalaja men tumhin Bhavani, Mahima amit na jet bakhani.

Matangi Dhoomavati Mata, Bhuvneshwari bagala sukhdata.

Shree Bhairav lara jog tarani, Chhinna Bhala bhav dukh nivarani.

Kehari Vahan soh Bhavani, Langur Veer Chalat agavani.

Kar men khappar khadag viraje, Jako dekh kal dan bhaje.

Sohe astra aur trishoola, Jase uthata shatru hiya shoola.

Nagarkot men tumhi virajat, Tihun lok men danka bajat.

Shumbhu Nishumbhu Danuja tum mare, Rakta-beeja shankhan samhare.

Mahishasur nripa ati abhimani, Jehi agha bhar mahi akulani.

Roop karal Kalika dhara, Sen Sahita tum tin samhara.

Pan garha Santan par jab jab, Bhayi sahaya Matu tum tab tab.

Amarpuni aru basava loka, Tava Mahirna sab rahen asoka.

Jwala men hai jyoti tumhari, Tumhen sada poojen nar nari.

Prem bhakti se Jo yash gave, Dukh-daridra nikat nahin ave.

Dhyave tumhen jo nar man laee, Janam-maran tako chuti jaee.

Jogi sur-muni kahat pukari, Jog na ho bin shakti tumhari.

Shankar Aacharaj tap keenhon, Kam, krodha jeet sab leenhon.

Nisidin dhyan dharo Shankar ko, Kahu kal nahini sumiro tum ko.

Shakti roop ko maran na payo, Shakti gayi tab man pachitayo.

Sharnagat hui keerti bakhani, Jai jai jai Jagdamb Bhavani.

Bhayi prasanna Aadi Jagdamba, Dayi shakti nahin keen vilamba.

Mokon Matu kashta ati ghero, Tum bin kaun hare dukh mero.

Aasha trishna nipat sataven, Moh madadik sab binsaven.

Shatru nash keeje Maharani, Sumiron ekachita tumhen Bhavani.

Karo kripa Hey Matu dayala, Riddhi-Siddhi de karahu nihala.

Jab lagi jiyoon daya phal paoon, Tumhro yash mein sada sunaoon.

Durga Chalisa jo gave, Sab sukh bhog parampad pave.


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Happy Durga Ashtami gifs


Smile happily this Durga Puja
Its the time of the year
To get together with family,
Its the time of the year
To smile happily.
Its the time of the year
When Maa Durga is there to bless,
Our homes and lives in excess.
Sending warm wishes on Durga Puja…


On this auspicious occasion of Durga Puja,
I wish you are blessed
With prosperity and success by Ma Durga


Durga Puja is a blessed time.
Rejoice in the glories of Maa Durga
And celebrate all the blessings
Of the goddess with your friends,
Family, acquaintances and loved ones
Best Wishes from me on this Durga Puja!!


On this auspicious day of Durga Puja My greetings to you, ‘Sarba Mangala Mangalle
Shiv e Sarbastho Swaidhikey’
Happiness & betterment at all levels
For all for all time to come,
Success at the end of all your pursuits
in the most truthful way.


Shiuli phuler gondhe meteche shara akash.
Kash phul r ghasher dolay
bojha gelo mayer padadhwani.
Pujor antorik shuvechha janai tomake…


May Maa Durga strengthens you
To fight all evils,
May she gives you the courage
To face all upheavals.
May Maa Durga fulfills
Every dream you desire,
May she fulfills them
And takes you higher and higher.
May she empowers you with
Name, fame and health,
May she bless your life
With lots of riches and wealth!!
Happy Durga Puja to you and your family…


 Let the festive spirit embrace you
And your dear ones
On this special occasion.
!!Wishing you a happy Durga Puja!!


 Sending my warm wishes
For a Durga Puja that
Brings you good fortune and success.
May Goddess Durga shower
Her choicest blessings on you today and forever…


 I woke up this morning
And felt the fresh morning breeze,
The festivity in the air
Filled my heart with joy to degrees.
I want to wear my festive clothes
And hang around with friends,
I want to have a good time
And enjoy till the day ends.
Maa Durga is here to add joy to our day
She is there to bless us in every single way.


 Durag Puja khushiyon ka,
Ujaalon ka, Umeendo ka,
Is Durga Puja aapki Zindagi
Khushiyon se bhari ho,
Duniyan ujalon se roshan ho,
Ghar par Maa Durga ka Aagman ho
Happy Durga Puja!!



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